About the Artist: Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland's contemporary art scene.  Born in 1986, Natalia received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lodz, Poland, specializing in graphic arts.  Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, and she has made waves at some of the continent's most prestigious street art events, most recently at the 2012 Walk and Talk Festival on Madeira Island in the Portuguese Azores.

"Natalia's trademark is the sensuality with which she treats her female subjects.  Klimtesque women with waving bodies and moving hair emerge as if from a dream to create unforgettable images.  After all, if reality is what we want it to be, and if Natalia lives in this world of oneiric perfection, who are we to question it?  Let's go into her universe and interpret what she brought us." - Walk and Talk 2012